Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Already Need Assistance

Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Already Need Assistance

Most seniors want to live independently, as they used to. However, as they age and with their existing health conditions, having a companion to attend to their personal care and other needs might be considered.

As an expert of Home Care Services in Atlanta, Georgia, we have listed some signs or indicators that your loved one might need assistance at home:

  • Forgets their medication
    Most seniors have their maintenance medication. However, if your loved one has always been forgetful intaking their pills, they might need constant reminding from someone. As a provider of Health Care in Duluth, Georgia, medication reminders are part of our services to our valued clients.
  • Neglects daily routine
    You might also notice that your loved ones seldom do their daily tasks such as grooming or taking a bath. This might also be a sign that they are having difficulty moving around the house.
  • Noticeable weight loss
    If you also notice that your loved one is losing weight lately, they probably have not eaten amply. As a provider of Companionship in Clayton, we render meal planning and preparation to our clients according to their health conditions and lifestyle.

If you catch any of these signs in your loved ones, you may talk to us to help you evaluate their needs. Here at Silver Linings Home Care LLC, we prioritize the overall health and well-being of our dear clients. Get in touch with us by calling 678-468-2580 or through email at

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