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Silver Linings Home Care LLCprovides quality and expert home care services in Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby areas and is a privately owned company by Chisom Okehie. With over 9 years of experience in health care, we undertake a level of service that’s second to none in Georgia. We guarantee unparalleled health outcomes through exceptional individualized care plans that enshrines the right kind of care that fits and more.

Now to ensure positive outcomes in your healthcare, we believe that we need a team who is committed in serving in the industry. We display nothing but the finest kind of professional optimism for you and your dearest loved ones. Enjoy a quality of life and well-being with the help of our home care solutions that beats them all in Silver Linings Home Care. We are strongly committed to your memorable loving care at home.

young caregiver assisting the senior man

To provide caring, detail-oriented, professional, and quality home care services to your homes and actualize higher potentials to elevate your quality of life.


To become one of the leading and trusted providers of a wide range of quality home care services internationally recognized for abiding dedication and unwavering effort.

Silver Linings Home Care handles anyone from the ages 18 and above.

Under the supervision of licensed professionals, we cover needs ranging anywhere from assistance with daily living, specialized health services, medication administration, light housekeeping, and medical arrangements and so much more. You may conveniently review the services that we offer right here. We are upbeat and enthusiastic about serving you in person. Thank you so much for your time.