Dementia Care: Food and Fluid

Dementia Care: Food and Fluid

Insufficient consumption or bad food and fluid choices can directly contribute to a decline in a senior’s health and well-being. Adequate personal care, preventive screening, and intervention for nutritional problems will improve the overall health of the elderly suffering from dementia and will prevent unnecessary complications.

Dementia may cause reduced food and fluid intake. Partly because of:

  • decreased recognition of hunger and thirst;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • declining perceptions of smell and taste;
  • inability to recognize dining utensils;
  • loss of physical control (e.g. Apraxia); and
  • depression.

Caregivers who provide health care in Duluth, Georgia should:

  • Have good screening and preventive systems for nutritional care to avoid malnutrition-related problems;
  • Assure proper nutrition and hydration to maintain nutritional health and avoid unnecessary health complications; and
  • Promote mealtimes as pleasant and enjoyable activities.

Nutrition screening and thorough evaluation should be the foundation for providing optimal nutrition care to the elderly. Home care services in Atlanta, Georgia may consult with a registered dietitian for seniors who are at high risk for nutritional problems. Regular monitoring and recording of a senior’s weight can help ensure that caregivers recognize and address the cause of any changes.

Food and Fluid
Food should be prepared to maximize the food’s acceptance as a senior’s functional ability declines. For example, if the elderly cannot handle utensils, try modifying the shape of food so it can be easily picked up with the fingers. Caregivers who provide personal care in Floyd should incorporate fluid intake into fun and delicious snacks.

Make sure that nutritional requirements should be met in the context of food and cultural preferences. Silver Linings Home Care LLC can assist your elderly loved ones with dementia to ensure their proper nutrition.

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